New Brand & Online Store

New Zealand Leading Asian Online Store



The Dream
PandaMART is aiming to become the biggest Asian Online Grocer
in New Zealand and expand the vision from here.









Their Manufactures
They import quality food from everywhere to fulfil market needs.






The Challenges
Since ECLY is a well-established business,
they have strong database and their own warehousing & shipping system. 
Our challenge is to integrate everything into one system,
synchronising data in real-time for smooth launch and shopping experience.





Navigating the Website
We worked with their team to come up with the category plan for design layout.





















Working toward the launch plan
There were lots challenges to be overcome and
we took steady steps to go through the final testings.





Category Page
The page to display product listings in grid format.





Extra Inspirations
We created the Recipe Pages to inspire people
and prepare for more advanced development for next stage.





Excellent Team
It has been our pleasure to work with PandaMART team and learn from them.
We created a Customer Support Page to connect users  and team.
We believe PandaMART will bring wonderful experiences to customers,
and will keep moving forward to wow the world.