Leading English Language School in South Hemisphere




The School
NZLC has been winning awards constantly to present
they are the best in the market.
They came to our team and got us to help their new brand image
and new website to match their business growth.






NZLC Marketing Promotion
We re-designed the Banner & Brochure for their Marketing usage.
They've got great feedback from their agents overseas and made more sales. 





The Website
NZLC Website is not an Online Store,
but it contains massive information to provide to their audiences.
It was a challenge to put everything in order and figure out a way
to display with good visual and workable technology.





The branches
They have 2 schools in Auckland and Wellington.
Unfortunately Christchurch schools was closed after the Earthquake.
But now they expanded their school size in Auckland for the rapid growth.





NZLC Courses
This is their products also services. The essential part of the business.
Our team have been impressed how their Admin & Marketing team
manage to put all information together.





Additional Services
Along with looking after the students, they have to provide the services below.





Friendly Team
NZLC have lots of multi-nationality staffs to deliver
the best communication with any type of cultures. 
They are awesome and lovely.  





New Zealand's Academy icon
We look forward to hearing more exciting news from NZLC.