#3-6. Tool Tips: Monitor your Brand and Competitions

#3-6. Tool Tips: Monitor your Brand and Competitions


Tips: Mention

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What is Mention?

Mention is a social media marketing suite enabling brands and agencies to drive the conversation: be in the know and spread the word.





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Mention Tutorial: Creating Your First Alert




Mention's New "Spread" Feature: Watch Your Mentions Blossom Out




Mention Tutorial: Take Actions on New Mentions




Mention Tutorial: Collaborate With Your Whole Team






Mention Tutorial: Statistics 101




Mention Crash Course: Track and Increase your PR Coverage




Mention Deep Dive: Inside the Insights Center






Mention Deep Dive: How to Find Influencers




Mention Tutorial: Using the Influencer Dashboard




Mention Tutorial: Save Time Finding Guest Bloggers






Mention Tutorial: Using the Competitive Dashboard




Mention Crash Course: How to Spy on Your Competitors in 5 minutes




Mention Crash Course Competitive Analysis 101





Social Media

Mention Tutorial: Connect Your Social Accounts




How to Track the Social Media Metrics That Really Matter




Mention Crash Course: Social Listening 101





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