#2-6. Tool Tips: Shopify Apps & Add-ons

#2-6. Tool Tips: Shopify Apps & Add-ons


Tips: Shopify Apps & Add-ons

The videos & links below are from 3rd party software official channels, and we specially put them together as an additional content to help with your studies. If some videos or links are REMOVED, let us know, and we will try our best to get in touch with those channels, and update the content.

App: Translation Switcher

Translate Shopify App - Multilingual for e-commerce


Weglot is a powerful and easy-to-setup app to translate and build a multi-language Shopify store. The app is SEO optimized, using sub-directories for Google and allows you to leverage human and machine translations. The app also offers additional useful features such as a development environment, checkout and email translations, and seamless invoicing integration to send documents in the customer’s language.



  • Easy install and setup
  • UI is very user-friendly
  • RTL text is supported
  • Advanced translation features
  • Translates full store, including integrated invoices by Sufio


  • No Import/Export translations — CSV, PO/MO, XLIFF, JSON


Click here to install Weglot






Langify is a go-to app if you want an established multi-language store manager with a good reputation. The app creates a new domain for each language. The app also offers other useful features such as SEO optimization for each language, sitemaps, and support for right-to-left (RTL) translations.

One downside of Langify is its inability to automatically translate pages for you. The app manages only already-translated content so you will need to get the translations done elsewhere. Setting it up, therefore, may be time-consuming for an average user.


  • Install is user-friendly.
  • UI is simple to navigate.
  • Unlimited SEO-optimized languages.
  • Import/Export translations — CSV, PO/MO, XLIFF, JSON.


  • Automatic translation not available.
  • Design on some pages is outdated.
  • Takes time to setup.


Click here to install Langify





App: Auto Currency Switcher

Auto Currency Converter App for Shopify




How to change currency settings to support Multiple Currency Conversion | Shopify 2017


Click here to install Auto Currency Switcher Shopify App






Shopify Add-on Technologies

Sell with Facebook Messenger

Shopify Introduces a New Way to Sell, Right in Facebook Messenger




Shopify x Facebook Messenger: How we shop will never be the same




Marketing Automation - Kit

Hire Kit, your digital marketing expert




What Is Kit & How To Install The App




How To Create Facebook Ads With Kit





Shopify POS: 

Sell your products at markets, pop‑ups, or in‑store with the Shopify POS app and reader





Shopify’s Chip & Swipe Reader

We designed the Chip & Swipe Reader with the future of retail in mind. Its versatility and affordability meets the needs of merchants selling in person, whether it’s in store, or at a pop-up, festival, or market.




Thread Studio // VR powered by Shopify

Thread Studio is a new, interactive way to bring t-shirt ideas to life with virtual reality. Flip through color swatches, lay out your designs, and even model your creations on fully posable mannequins! Once you're done creating, you can share photos with friends, get your shirts printed and delivered, or sell them online with Shopify.