#2-5. Tool Tips: Social Media & SEO

#2-5. Tool Tips: Social Media & SEO


Tip: Social Media & SEO

The videos & links below are from 3rd party software official channels, and we specially put them together as an additional content to help with your studies. If some videos or links are REMOVED, let us know, and we will try our best to get in touch with those channels, and update the content.

Social Media Channels

  • Facebook: Personal Account, Fan Page, Group
  • Instagram: Photos & Videos Oriented posts.
  • Linkedin: Professional Network
  • Twitter: Quick simple posts. 
  • Pinterest: Albums 
  • Youtube: Videos channel with random lifestyle.
  • Vimeo: Videos channel for creative and professional usage. Can replace file. 


Add Social Media to a Shopify Website Theme




Google AdWords

Learn how to create a Google Adwords account in your shopify admin. When you're running a Google AdWords campaign, you can track the effectiveness of your ad by setting up conversion tracking with your online store.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO Overview: Search Engine Optimisation


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How To Verify Your Site With Google 




How To Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Console 






Integrate with Google Analytics

Google Analytics For Ecommerce: A Beginners Guide


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