#1-19. Request the official Website Launch

#1-19. Request the official Website Launch


Request Website Launch

Congrats!!! 🎉

We believe you are ready to launch your website! 
Simply Message us via Facebook Messenger from:

  1. The Chat Box on bottom right,
  2. or Click here to open chat window.


And in messenger, let us know the info you used to apply for Free Demo Website with us.

1.) Username
2.) Email
3.) Company Name


And you will receive an email from Shopify system to proceed the next steps. 

For Shopify Website Launch, you need: 

1.) Your Device that can receive emails
2.) Your Credit Card. (Business Purpose preferred)



We look forward to seeing your business grow. 😃



The videos & links below are from 3rd party software official channels, and we specially put them together as an additional content to help with your studies. If some videos or links are REMOVED, let us know, and we will try our best to get in touch with those channels, and update the content.


Using GoDaddy or Other Domain Provider?

Shopify cannot provide special doamin extention, so there is high chance you will apply from other Domain provider. Here is the video to show you how to connect to your store. 


How to connect a third-party domain || Shopify Help Center





If you don’t want to sell products now?

You can Hide product prices or disable your cart

Click here to learn how to do it by yourself.


Or you can Request Shopify Support Team to do it for you.

Shopify Resources and How To Contact Support





Need a Break?

How To Close Your Shopify Store